[CT Birds] Pink-footed YES 1:15 PM

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Fri Jan 6 13:27:07 EST 2012

My wild goose chase finally ended in success thanks to Alex.
At 12:10 the goose was no longer at the Somersville Mill Pond but Alex's 
internal radar figured out which pasture to check, the horse pasture on the 
west side of Maple Street, and found the goose among the several hundred 
Canada's.  He was giving good, albeit somewhat distant views, from 12:15 for 
at least an hour while I was there.  I stopped and thanked the farm manager 
for allowing everyone to stop and see the goose.  He is not a birder but was 
most interested in this rarity on the property.

Jan in Somers 

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