[CT Birds] Pink-footed Goose/Bald Eagle Encounter!

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Sat Jan 7 11:17:00 EST 2012

1/7  Somersville Mill Pond  10 AM   PINK-FOOTED GOOSE spotted by many 
birders in with several hundred Canada Geese.  The bird was to the east of 
the viewing area so since lighting was not too good, I with Kris Johnson and 
Denise Jernigan headed over to the east side of the pond to DEEP property 
for better lighting.  We were able to scope the bird for great views of it's 
pink legs and beak as it was preening.  While Kris and Denise headed back to 
the road to direct other birders to the site, I watched the goose first lay 
down for a few minutes on the ice to rest and then suddenly all the geese 
started to get a bit nervous with lots of honking and milling and the 
Pink-footed stood up, walked a few steps and then took off into the air 
right towards me for great flying scope views.  He turned north, flying 
quickly, and then I noticed probably 75-100 feet behind him the mature Bald 
Eagle that I have been seeing all fall at the Mill Pond, hot on his tail! 
They both disappeared to the north up the Scantic River.  Some of the 
experts in the group thought it unlikely the Eagle would catch him but I 
will keep my fingers crossed that indeed he does survive to lead us all on a 
merry chase again as we try to relocate him!

Jan in Somers 

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