[CT Birds] Stratford - Pied leucism in Canada Goose ?

donnacap at aol.com donnacap at aol.com
Sun Jan 8 18:38:54 EST 2012

Only had time for a quick stop at Wooster Pond today.  
Overcast and close to sundown. 
Lots of Canada Geese, one in particular stood out (photo in link below).  The neck is black with white streaks.  Is that pied Lecuism?   There were also Am. Black ducks, Mallards and gulls.  Two mallards, at opposite end of pond near the ice stood out.  The blue speculums on both were very vibrant and very noticeable (photo in link as well).  The pair where also diving a lot. When compared to the other mallards they stood out greatly as did their behavior (they did not go to get feed when people showed up with bread).  Could these pair be a true "wild" mallard pair?  Or am I mis-identifying them?  
I went through all four of my books but Mallards does seem to me what they are.  Reply here or message me.  I'd love to hear more about the Goose and the ducks.  Sorry photos aren't great because of distance and time of day. 

Donna Caporaso


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