[CT Birds] goose spectacle

cekroth at comcast.net cekroth at comcast.net
Mon Jan 9 17:34:28 EST 2012

1/9 S. Windsor, Ferry Lane: 
this afternoon from 4:00pm 'til 4:40, we watched Canada geese com ing into the field on the 

south side of Ferry Ln.  They were  in flocks of 200+ about every 2 minutes. 

All from the same direction, roughly ESE.  I couldn't pick out anything unusual due to the 

light conditions and distance.  Just when we thought they were done, more would show up. 

There were also hundreds of ducks.  I would estimate that at least 2000-2500 came in 

while we watched to jo in the  hundreds already there. 

Also on Vibert Rd. we watched a great blue heron catch a nice, fat frog in 

Newberry Brook next to Vibert Rd. 

Carl & Catherine Ekroth

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