[CT Birds] LI Ferry MURRES, etc.

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 11 21:27:29 EST 2012

>From Frank Mantlik, with Buzz Devine, Denise Jernigan, Tina Green, and Sara 
Zagorski -
1/11/12  New London Ferry to Orient Pt. NY and back (9:15, 11am return on MV 
Susan Anne) - Seas were quite calm, with a light breeze.  30-40F.  Highlights: 
 7 COMMON MURRES (1 CT, 6 NY), 1 Unidentified MURRE (CT; possible Thick-billed, 
pending further review of photos), 20 RAZORBILLS (4 CT, 16 NY), 10 large alcid 
species (NY-probably mostly razorbills), 24 Northern Gannets (7 CT, 17 NY), 1 
COMMON EIDER male (NY), numerous loons (Common & Red-throated) and usual sea 
ducks, 1 HARBOR PORPOISE (CT), 16 Harbor Seals (all but two in NY waters).
Another great trip on the water.  I'll post a link to some photos at a later 
time. FM

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