[CT Birds] Stratford 1/12/2012, 1/12/2012

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Thu Jan 12 20:32:22 EST 2012

Birdseye Boat and the Greenway were a ghost town this morning 7:10 - 7:40! I suspect it's due to the weather we had last night?  Saw 1 lone Coot at the Greenway and 3 Gulls.  At the Boat Ramp 3 Coots, 4 Gulls, and a lone male Mallard in the sewage plant "stream".  

Birdseye Boat Ramp, 12:20 - 12:50
Extreme high tide that coveraged about 95% of the parking lot up to the corner near the sewage plant "waterfall".  
2 Mallards and about 8 Coots where swimming in the lot as were about 20 gulls.
There were scattered Coots on the opposite side of the guard rail looking toward the Greenway.
Greenway had 1 lone coot and 1 lone Am Black Duck in the Cove.
2 Northern Mocking birds sitting on the little green trees near the driveway.

Frash Pond 7:40 - 7:55 (from behind the stores)
2 groups of Canvas Backs with 25-30 in each group.  one on the left side of the pond, the other on the right.  
1 mixed Group of Mergansers, mostly non-hooded
1 Cormorant
1 Mute Swan
10 Black Ducks
6 Buffleheads
More ducks at far end of pond unable to identify.

Driving on Access Road
1 Adult Red Tail flying toward Long Beach.

Short Beach, by Tennis Courts 12:00 - 12:15
1 Egret flying over Tennis Courts
1 Red Tail Hawk perched in a tree in old dump.
7 Mourning Doves

Stratford Point 12:20 - 12:50
1 Great Black Gull in water
1 Common Loon
Several Common Mergansers 
American Wigeon
Black Ducks

Work Parking Lot, Access Road
1 unidentified small yellow bird that has been seen all week with the exception of today (one photo, butt shot only submitted to Twan but it remains a mystery - the bird has to slow down sometime! lol ).  QUESTION:  Would it be cheating if I left an assort of seed around the trees I've been spotting him at???
10-12 European Starlings

I'd be interested in tagging along on any boating trips with a more experienced birder on a weekend if anyone is looking for company. And  recommendations on what Ferry trips I should take.

Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT


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