[CT Birds] Subject: tips for birding SE Asia

Thomas Robben robben99 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 13:23:57 EST 2012

Hi Steve,

Ben King is among the top in Asian birding, and has been for decades....
KingBird Tours Welcome Page <http://www.kingbirdtours.com/>
If you look into this site (and google Ben King Birds, and Birds Of
Southeast Asia) you will get started on answers to your questions.
There are also some good guides for this area including....

Other birders probably can give you additional suggestions that I am not
aware of.
Good Birding,
Tom Robben
Glastonbury CT

Subject: tips for birding SE Asia
From: List <List AT ballentine-capital.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 15:52:33 +0000
Planning for a (non-birding) trip to SE Asia. Hopeful to be in most or all
Hong Kong, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City (fka Saigon) and Bangkok, Chiang Mai and
Phuket in Thailand. I likely will only be able to casually bird as I travel
around each day, but might be able to squeeze in a half day of dedicated
birding in some cities. Though it isn't a birding trip, I'd hate to come
not having seen a halfway decent sampling to add to my life list. I would
greatly appreciate any tips on bird guides to hire, hotspots to not miss
guidebooks to pick up to make the best of this opportunity. Thanks in
for any input, either in reply on the forum or via direct email to list at
ballentine-capital dot com


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