[CT Birds] Stratford, Milford, Hammo, etc

Joseph Cala Joejr14 at aol.com
Thu Jan 19 17:06:49 EST 2012

Stratford- 7:15-9:30am:

Long Beach:  Iceland Gull present a bit further down the beach.  Mixed 
in with a bunch of Herring and Ring-billed.  Also offshore were good 
numbers of Scaups and Goldeneyes.

Frash Pond:  Fantastic looks at a pair of male Canvasbacks that were 
directly behind the shops.  Got some good frame filling pics.  Most of 
the pond is still open.

RR Tracks:  1 deer unhappy with my presence, 6 song sparrows continually 
moving ahead of me.  On my way back to the parking lot OC Warbler in the 
brush just after the marsh.  Everything hunkered down after a buzz by a 
Cooper's Hawk.  Some decent views of the Warbler but never stayed out in 
the open.

Thank you to everyone for the directions and tips.  Much appreciated!

Madison- 10:30am:

Almost all parking lots are barricaded off at Hammonasset.  Nature 
center parking lot was blocked off, so with the weather I didn't bother 
to hike it to Willard's Island.  Not much going on out by the Jetty and 
I didn't feel like making the hike down the trail either.  Had a Hermit 
Thrush run across the road to a melted ice puddle on my way out.

Wallingford- 11:15am:

McKenzie Reservoir:  Plenty of Canada Geese and Ring-necked ducks, but 
couldn't find the GWFG or the hen Redhead.  The female Ruddy Duck gave 
some pretty good views.

Meriden- Noon:

Bishops Pond-  Frozen over.  Nada.

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