[CT Birds] Rhode Island today- Alcids and 7 Gull species Keith MUeller

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Thu Jan 19 19:04:09 EST 2012

Here are today's highlights:

  Block Island Ferry- outbound Galilee 6:30am-return Old Harbor 8:15  
am. Winds N/NE 15 knots, temps 16 degrees at Galilee. The sea was  
covered with birds; difficult to identify and count everything. With  
the overcast morning, I was looking east with a bit brighter visibilty  
and concentrating mostly on flying birds. With the early morning sun  
and clear horizon, it was easier to identify birds. Besides the usual  
sea ducks, Gannets and Common Loons-Large Alcids (birds were mostly at  
a distance on the way over-but it appeared to favor higher numbers of  
Murre) Large Alcids- 85-100, DOVEKIE-13 (return trip- possibly more  
pending photo evaluation), BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE- 23 (they were seen  
in both directions)- On the way back to Galilee, I spotted and  
photographed 2 Kittiwake harassing 3 RAZORBILLS (on the water) for  
their fish when they popped back to the surface. 1 Red-necked Grebe  
flying by the bow of the ferry. Many Large Alcids were flying west in  
singles, pairs, trios and small groups, also Kittiwakes and  
Bonaparte's Gulls- 15 following the trawlers as well. Large raft of  
mostly Eiders and Scoters (400+/-) in the mouth of the western opening  
of the walls. 5 Large Alcids- mostly Common Murres sitting on the  
water about 100 yards outside the west wall.

Scarborough Beach (south parking lot near the Treatment Plant)-  
BLACK-HEADED GULL (first winter) first seen on southern rocky point  
Gull roost; enticed to the beach with handfuls of suet. I did not see  
the pair of adult birds.

Narragenasett, Newton Ave- large Gull roost of nearly 300 birds coming  
and going to and from the offshore trawlers which were farther away  
from shore as they have been. I looked through as many Gulls as I  
could see but could not find a white-winged Gull. Possible second  
cycle LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL pending photo analysis.

Narragansett Town Beach- 7 Bonaparte's Gulls following a small school  
of fish right along the beach in the corner just below the sea wall  
offering great close looks.

Beavertail- Usual sea ducks in smaller numbers, 26 Harlequin Ducks  
mostly on the east shore near the northernmost point.

Point Judith, Camp Cronin- Large groups of sea ducks (mostly eider),  
RAZORBILL-1, feeding along the outer edge of the east wall. Harriers-2  
hunting along the beach and over the marshes.

Galilee Harbor- large flocks of Red-breasted Mergansers chasing  
schooling fish around the dock area.

Ninegret Park, LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL continues around grassy point.  
It was first in the lee of the Cove on the right near the point. It  
flew over and fished along the east side of the trail and then flew  
over to the point across (with the duck blind on it) where it was when  
I left. Yellow-rumped Warblers-3, Belted Kingfisher (female)-1

Charlestown Breachway-Big raft of Common Eider (300+)(6 Black Scoter)  
rafted up along the beach on both sides of each jetty, in the  
breachway itself and just outside. 3 Bonaparte's Gulls and 1  
BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE flying by heading east. The usual Common Loons,  
a few Red-throated Loons and Horned Grebes present.

Quonochontaug Breachway, the usual Common Eiders and Loons.  
Yellow-rumped Warblers-1

Keith Mueller

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