[CT Birds] Leucistic Canada Goose

David Rathbun janet.rathbun at snet.net
Fri Jan 20 15:48:49 EST 2012

1/19/12 - Wallingford, MacKenzie Reservoir, 9:00 AM - Greater White-fronted Goose mixed in with several hundred Canada Geese. The Greater White-fronted departed within 15 minutes of being discovered. While scoping the geese I spotted one leucistic Canada. With the exception of the crown, the head was white with a few faint areas of black. The bill was orange with areas of dark mottling while the legs and feet were entirely orange. Also present at the reservoir were large numbers of Ring-necked Ducks. A search for the Redhead hen was unsuccessful.

1/20/12 - Wallingford, MacKenzie Reservoir, 1:00 PM. - Adult Bald Eagle perched in a tree alongside the reservoir keeping close watch over the tightly packed geese and ducks. The eagle dove at the flock but didn't seem overly interested in taking a bird. It relocated to the end of the reservoir, perching in a tree close to the dam. The eagle was still present when I left at 1:45.

Dave Rathbun

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