[CT Birds] Red-shouldered Hawk attacks!

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Fri Jan 20 20:44:04 EST 2012

There was a nesting pair of red-tails in West Hartford, CT two springs ago, 
with the nest located unfortunately close to a sidewalk near an elementary 
school.  The pair attacked some people, including a child walking to school. 
They would often hang out in the large conifers across the street from the 
school where I teach science, and hunted over our school fields.  I loved 
watching them, and they made for many "teachable moments" for my students 
with the binoculars I keep in my classroom for the students.*  I don't know 
what was done about them -- for a while the sidewalk was barricaded near the 
nest -- but after nesting season was over, they "disappeared".  I don't know 
if an appropriate permit was gotten, but I suspect the nest was taken down 
as soon as the chicks fledged (I hope they waited until then!).  The hawks 
were so aggressive it made the local news many times, especially since some 
people did get hurt (and a few lost their hats).  I still miss them.

Sarah Faulkner
Collinsville, CT

* If anyone has some old  but usable bins that you might consider donating, 
I'd be VERY grateful - the ones I have are horrible and frustrate the kids 
terribly...  We do get hawks hunting here now and then, including the 
Hartford peregrine falcons for our robust pigeon population, and I love the 
"teachable moments" when I toss aside my lesson plan to have the kids crowd 
the windows to watch the raptors (which ARE part of my curriculum!).

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I thought I would share this rather interesting tidbit from today:

There is a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks that hang out around my school, 
Fairfield Ludlowe High School, and are always flying around or perching on 
the trees, and they are always very vocal as well. They're actually quite 
distracting to me: I spend a good portion of my Spanish classes watching 
them out the window everyday! Anyway, I just got a recorded call from the 
Fairfield Board of Education that went out to everyone at the high school, 
saying that there have been some attacks on student and staff recently from 
the hawks and that the Board of Ed is working with Animal Control to sort 
out the problem! It makes sense that they are nesting in the area, as I 
always see them. I really hope they don't remove the nest or something 
though because they really are magnificent creatures that provide a 
wonderful distraction for me during my school day.

James Purcell
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