[CT Birds] Black Vultures at Earthplace

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Mon Jan 23 18:07:56 EST 2012

Last year I talked to someone, whom I thought was staff, mention that the vultures were there looking for a hand-out.  Perhaps there was a staff member at one time who did it, I don’t know.  I would imagine that feeding the wild birds would be a discouraged practice, however it isn’t something I’ve seen first-hand, nor could I say that Earthplace condones such a practice.  Either way, Earthplace is an awesome nature center, and being able to see all the black vultures is really cool.




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I have often seen the Black Vultures at Earthplace but have never seen or heard from the staff about them receiving hand-outs.  I assumed they were attracted by the smell of the food left out for the birds in their cages.



-Sean Murtha


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