[CT Birds] Golden Eagles shot

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There are, I'm afraid, many people who do not see a value in wildlife, 
partly -- I think -- due to their lack of connecting humans with the natural 
world.  Last year I was teaching my middle school students about birds and 
nesting behaviors, and one student described how he and his father had 
peppered a bluejay nest with bb's, killing the baby birds, destroying the 
un-hatched eggs, and killing both parents.  He reported this as a fun 
activity and honestly didn't see anything wrong with it.  I hope that my 
handling of it, helping him to understand the problems with such activity 
without embarrassing him or criticizing his father or family values, which 
was very tricky -- helped him begin a lifetime of valuing wildlife.  Some 
missing knowledge involves understanding food webs, ecosystems, and ethical 
behaviors.  By the end of the year he was bringing in photos he'd taken of 
birds and privately told me how sorry he was that he'd ever shot anything 
with a bb gun.  But that was only one student, one father, in one little 

Sarah Faulkner
Collinsville, CT

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> Thank you Stephanie for providing the link. How disgusting it is that in 
> the 21st century this type of activity still takes place! Makes you wonder 
> how widespread the slaughter is.  I am sure it is happening everywhere 
> though! And i am sure it will never end!
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