[CT Birds] my Crovid question.

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Tue Jan 24 18:40:23 EST 2012

Well Thank you all for guesses and answers to my Crovid question. interesting 
all the different guesses, and many seemingly right on. However; I believe we 
have just skimmed the possible answer to this. Through the years, I have seen 
Crows and Ravens eat some really interesting food stuff, as well as what you 
would expect - like meat. For example.........

Pumpkin pie - plus crust
string cheese
over cooked green beans
All the ingredients to chicken soup - except the potatoes
My home blend of cereal containing:
    Cooked rolled wheat, rye, barley, oats, raises, but did not eat the walnuts 
nor Almonds
once I saw a crow eat some old coffee grounds!
very hard and old cheddar cheese - was like a rock! - poss smell here?
Christmas cookies - with sugar frosting!
and so much more converted human foods that I could not recognize.

Just interesting: One year I striped the Turkey carcase very clean, then it went 
into the compost. Later when i looked towards the compost pile, I noticed a Crow 
was gleaning it. Through nocks, the Crow was finding the smallest pieces of 
meat  I overlooked, extracting pieces so small I could hardly see them. He 
worked on that carcase for at least 20 mins. Later when I went down there, the 
carcase was completely white and smooth as tile!

I do feel that birds, at least some such as the Crovids, do have a sense of 
smell to some degree. Maybe when i see these birds billing a morsel, they just 
might be getting enough information as to its being an eatable organic food or 

Also - our feeder birds also eat alien foods they are not naturally familiar 
with, such as domestic Sunflower seeds, Thistle from Africa, and round white 
millet, unlike any natural seeds I know of growing here, at least in CT.

Thanks all!.....Paul Carrier

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