[CT Birds] Top 10 Birds in CT 2011 - survey results

Frank Mantlik mantlik at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 24 20:42:58 EST 2012

Hi all,
Like last year, I was encouraged to conduct an informal survey of THE TOP TEN 
BIRDS IN CT IN 2011.   So I culled the year's cumulative state bird list of 338 
species down to a list of 68 rare species.  I then polled 55 of the state's top 
and/or active birders for their selections and comments.  Twenty-two of those 
people responded with their votes, rankings, and comments.  Criteria for 
selection included sheer rarity, length of stay, viewable by many, bird's beauty 
or grace, etc.  As would be expected, many (6 of top 10) of the selections were 
of rare birds deposited in CT by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene on August 28. 
 Congratulations are in order to Nick Bonomo, the discoverer of a whopping five 
of the top ten!

Here is the top ten, with survey point totals received (in parentheses):
	1. White-tailed      Tropicbird  (181)
	2. Band-rumped      Storm-Petrel  (153)
	3. Common      Murre  (122)
	4. Anhinga  (109)
	5. Sooty      Tern  (97)
	6. Bridled      Tern  (56)
	7. Leach’s      Storm-Petrel  (46)
	8. Long-tailed      Jaeger  (35)
	9. Thayer’s      Gull  (33)
	10. Thick-billed      Murre  (31)
 Next ten:
	1. Yellow      Rail  (30)
	2. Black-necked      Stilt  (27)
	3. Mountain Bluebird  (21)
	4. Painted Bunting  (21)
	5. Manx      Shearwater  (16)
	6. Brown      Pelican  (16)
	7. Gull-billed      Tern (16)
	8. Razorbill  (16)
	9. Eurasian Collared-Dove  (15)
	10. Parasitic Jaeger  (13)
Thanks to the survey-takers:  Bill Asteriades, Charlie Barnard, Milan Bull, Paul 
Cianfaglione, Patrick Comins, Paul Desjardins, Carl Ekroth, Chris Elphick, Frank 
Gallo, Tina Green, Greg Hanisek, Jay Kaplan, Chris Loscalzo, Frank Mantlik, John 
Marshall, James Purcell, Phil Rusch, Dave Tripp, Glenn Williams, Paul Wolter, 
Sara Zagorski, and Joe Zeranski.


Frank Mantlik
Stratford, CT 
24 January 2012

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