[CT Birds] Northern Rough-winged Swallows and Warblers East Shore Park Keith Mueller

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Wed Jan 25 18:50:27 EST 2012

A few Highlights from today:

I stopped by East Shore Park on my way home this afternoon (around  
1:45 pm) and watched 5 Swallows feeding over the Treatment Plant. At  
least two were Northern Rough-winged and not sure about the other  
three. Also in the pine trees along the fence were quite a few  
Warblers; Yellow-rumped and Palm. There may have been a few other  
species but I was running late. Also at East Shore: 300 Scaup, 24  
Gadwall, 250 Brant. A swarm of gulls were feeding at the discharge  
pipe by the channel. With a quick look I saw mostly Ring-billed and a  
few Herring. They were both swimming and flying above the rip; I  
didn't see any other species but I only made a quick glance.

In New Haven Harbor- 300 Gulls by the boat ramp mostly Ring-billed and  
Herring, did not see an Iceland Gull; I searched hard for one. 3,500-  
4,000 + Scaup rafted in the middle of the harbor-I didn't search for  
any Redheads or Canvasbacks. 1,500 (maybe more) Brant- they were  
everywhere in the Harbor in huge flocks.

Behind Leon's- 40 Ruddy ducks, 50 Scaup (mostly Lesser), 18 Gadwall, 9  
Oldsquaw in the middle of the channel near the bridge. 5 Great  

Hammonasset (8:00 am)- 2 Common Eider drakes

Leetes Island- 13 Green-winged Teal in Leetes Pond. Many Gulls in Lost  
Lake, no BLack-headed Gull yet (or maybe).

Stratford- Frank's adult Iceland Gull continues with excellent views.  
It came and went from its favorite piling perch several times. Once it  
flew over the cottages and joined a large swarm of Gulls towards  
Stratford Point, but returned to its piling after a minute where it  
was when I left.

Frash Pond, Canvasbacks continue, 3 Great Cormorant

Boat Ramp- 28 Coot, and a fly-over adult Bald Eagle.

Keith Mueller   Killingworth

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