[CT Birds] Fw: Common Chaffinch probable departure, Hunterdon County

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It looks as though the Common Chaffinch visiting Micheal Rehman's feeders
since 12/20 was last sighted by Michael on 1/21 and hasn't been seen since.
This is a good opportunity to thank him and his family for hosting hundreds
of birders. If you haven't had a chance to sign the visitor's book please
send him your particulars on when you were there and where you came from.
His email is at the bottom of the copied message. From his note you can see
that this bird caused quite a stir in the birding community and it will be
really interesting to see what the final tally is. The bird has
questionable origins, but that didn't deter people coming from multiple
states traveling hundreds sometimes thousands of miles to enjoy the bird.
If your reading this and are subscribed to other state listserves please
pass this message along.

"The Chaffinch has not been seen, as far as I know, since I observed him
this past Saturday.  We've had a few people visit this week with no success
so perhaps he has moved on.  The latest tally of visitors is ~650 with 17
states, Washington D.C. and Ontario, Canada.  Only Rhode Island, South
Carolina and Georgia are missing from the eastern seaboard and we've had
three visits from individuals residing in California.  The Pocono Record
also did an article on the 22nd of January about the Chaffinch and
the February issue of "*Birding Community E-Bulletin" *put out by the
National Wildlife Refuge Association is covering the Chaffinch as well. We
are quite fortuitous to live at a location where we could enable people to
visit without any real liability issues due to the safe and ample
parking on a quiet street as well as large enough lot sizes so our
neighbors, outside of the cars all over the place, really had no idea what
was going on and the few who stopped to talk to me were amazed that a bird
could draw such attention!!

Michael Rehman
mcr16 at msn.com"

Good birding,

Sam Galick
Cape May, NJ
sam.galick at gmail.com

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