[CT Birds] Reed Park grassland birds

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 26 19:33:12 EST 2012


I spoke at the Bloomfield town council meeting on Monday. Of six of us who spoke, three of us mentioned environmental concerns. The Courant did not report this, but only concentrated on the view. Not one person was in favor of this project, which would include planting 60 oaks, paved walkways, and gardens, all in prime bobolink nesting habitat.

Understand that this is NOT a Bloomfield project. This is a group that is searching for a site in central CT to place this memorial. They have not considered the environment, or even the suitability of the site for planting oaks. The meadows are mostly wetlands. 

I wrote a statement regarding the critical habitat which I read at the meeting, and also stated some of the practical issues involved. I am a member of the Bloomfield Conservation Committee and have worked with council for years now. 

Reed Park is dear to my heart. I have conducted bird and butterfly surveys there. I fought to get the town to stop mowing until nesting season was over. It has been an uphill battle.

By the way, even if they don't put the memorial there, one of our council members wants to put in a road, build a bandshell, and invite the Hartford Symphony to play there in the summer. It just never ends.


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