[CT Birds] Coot & Green Winged Teal @ 14 Acre Pond, Norwalk

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Jan 28 16:35:08 EST 2012

Hi Micheael,

Definitely not a G W Teal! Its hard to tell from one image, but the  
size is too large, shape is "gadwall-ish", the bill has a pintail hen  
color with a gadwall shape and even tarsus color (which is Yellow in  
the images) Looks exactly like a hen Gadwall x Pintail hybrid. I had a  
few of these when I had my waterfowl aviary. Pintails would often  
hybridize with Wigeon and Gadwall. Other features that lean towards  
the hybrid are the tertial shape and colors,tarsus color, bill shape  
and grey color with fine mottling, indication of black culmin and bill  
border, squarish head with fine feather spotting, long profile, bill  
angle, etc. Just my thoughts. If it is a hybrid, it is probably the  
first Pintail x Gadwall hybrid I have heard of in the wild in CT.

Keith Mueller

I took this photo today of what I am guessing is the American Coot  as well
as the Green Winged Teal that has been reported at this site recently:


Location: 14 Acre Pond, Norwalk, CT

Date: 1/28/2012


Michael Richardson

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