[CT Birds] Stratford Birding

Sarah Faulkner sffaulkner at comcast.net
Sun Jan 29 19:52:55 EST 2012

1-29-12: Jay Kaplan, Jamie Meyers, Phyllis Winer & Sarah Faulkner spent a few hours birding Stratford and New Haven.  Here are the highlights:

Stratford Frosh Pond
    Ruddy ducks
    red-breasted merganser
    common merganser
    double-crested cormorant
    hooded mergansers
Stratford Boat Ramp: 
    American bittern
    American coots
    Fish crow
    Northern harrier
    4 great cormorants
Stratford Short Beach
    song sparrows  
Stratford airport
    American kestrel
Raven Pond, Stratford
    2 Northern pintails
    (tons of other ducks, including a Mandarin)
New Haven, East Shore Park:
    Cooper's hawk (finishing off what looked to have been a mourning dove)
    1 redwinged blackbird
    1  Northern rough-winged swallow
    1 Palm Warbler
    1 Yellow-rumped warbler
    3 song sparrows
    Greater scaup

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