[CT Birds] hawk ID

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 1 11:54:40 EST 2012

I agree with much of what Greg has to say on this birds field marks. It is a 
picture that might fit both species, esp since it is a transitional plumbaged 
bird. To ad some final observation to this birds ID.

The dark blackish wings tend to alleviate it being a Coop, but when we only have 
a picture to discern, it can be mis -leading. Most transitional Coops do not 
show wings this dark blackish, but more brownish, which this picture lacks, but 
being a picture, it can be wrong. But this bird seems to not show the tawny bar 
it should have across the upper wing. But to me, the white spotting on wing and 
back fits more a Gos.
Also, the bill of this bird seems a bit small for a Gos, though they can also be 
variable. The tail does not show itself fully, so any zig-zaging might not show 
- plus the tails ends show poorly as well. I find the tail length might be more 
a Coops in length, but this still is not shown well in pix. breast streaking on 
Im birds can also be variable on both, but the all white chest is more Coop 
like. However - transitional adult plumage can also be mis-leading. 

Square head look is also mis-leading as well. I have seen some Goshawks with a 
very pronounced square head look. This is best a field mark for use as to a Coop 
vs Sharpie.
I would have to conclude that the dark wings with the white spotting as shown in 
the picture fits more a Goshawk - but the longish tail and wimpy bill might fit 
a Coopers better. 

Possible hybrid anyone? - only kidding!           

Paul Carrier   

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