[CT Birds] Accipiter ID- Final Update

Joseph Cala Joejr14 at aol.com
Wed Feb 1 15:43:48 EST 2012

So there was pretty much an even split in the responses on Cooper's or 
Goshawk.  When I first submitted this to the Listserv, I also threw out 
a contact to David Sibley, just seeing if he'd be willing to chime in.  
He responded back today, and I figured I might as well post that 
response here.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion!

"Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your note, and sorry to be slow replying. Maybe you've worked 
out the ID by now. This is a Cooper's Hawk, although a bit unusual in 
the high contrast brown and white pattern. Goshawk should be more shades 
of gray and buff, with several colors on each feather on the back and 
wing coverts rather than this solid dark gray-brown. They also show a 
dark smudge on the ear coverts, or even a crescent of streaks at the 
rear edge of the face, giving a different head pattern. The underparts 
are usually off-white, cream-colored or buff, rather than the stark 
white of this bird, and the streaks on the breast and flanks thicker and 
shorter, almost like spots.

There's more, and the overall shape and proportions as well, but that's 
subjective and hard to judge so I didn't go into that. If you would like 
more details or have other questions feel free to ask.


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