[CT Birds] Last day for Big January lists/photos

Scott Kruitbosch skruitbosch at ctaudubon.org
Sat Feb 4 10:40:57 EST 2012

I thought I'd make one last call for Big January lists and photos - I'm sure there are more submissions yet to come in!

I have only received a few photos so please consider sending me some of the many great shots I am sure are out there, especially of the big rarities (alcids anyone?)

The guidelines once again:
-To qualify, one needs to have a minimum of 90 species for the month within
-All species seen/heard need to have been counted on public property, your own
property, or private property with permission.
-Report your species list in the same order as the COA ARCC Official CT List:
-Deadline for submission is Saturday, Feb. 4 at 10 p.m. Send them to me here:
skruitbosch at ctaudubon.org
-Digital photos you have taken, especially of rare species, are welcome.
-Note that smaller photo file size makes for easier/quicker emailing. Credit will be
given on any photos used in the summary report.
-Since this event is based on the honor system, please make every effort to be
honest and certain of your identifications.
-Provide the date and location for the first time each species was identified
(optional, but encouraged).


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