[CT Birds] Am. Bittern & Friend, Boat Ramp, Stratford

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Sat Feb 4 21:46:24 EST 2012

Birdseye Boat Ramp, 2/4/2011, 12:00 until about 2:00.
The Bittern wasn't in the steam between the two parking lots when I got there but a cat was sitting on a rock where he usually is spotted.  I hung around watching the Gulls and Coots for a bit and then went over to the Greenway.  There he was sitting on a clump near the beginning of the jetty.  He flew off when a Gull landed near him, so I headed back to the boat ramp and he was in his spot, on the rock at the end of the stream near the closed gate.  The cat had moved to the right side of the stream at this point and the two of them looked at each other for a few minutes and then the Bittern started walking toward the other end.  I was sitting in my car and it was funny to see the Bittern turn around now and then and to watch the cat watching him walk.  He got pretty close and hung around for a while and then started walking back toward the gate.  About half way there he flew off across the Housatonic where I spotted him sitting on the shore.  

No sign of the Snipes and where (there were 4 photographed in the Greenway earlier in the week by a fellow birder).  
Here is a link to the Bittern and Cat


Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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