[CT Birds] Konolds Pond

Christopher Loscalzo closcalz at optonline.net
Sun Feb 5 10:04:01 EST 2012

02/05/12-Woodbridge, Konolds Pond-the pond is almost completely open and the
waterfowl are back, thanks to the mild winter.  Sightings included: 4
Northern Pintail (3 drake, 1 hen), a pair of Wood Duck, 4 Common Merganser,
2 Hooded Merganser, 2 Gadwall, ~100 Ring-necked Duck, as well as Mallard,
Black Duck, Mute Swan, a Great Blue Heron, and all three common gull
species.  Be forewarned, though: there is very limited access to Konolds
Pond. You can view parts of it from the west side of the pond if you park on
a side street off of Route 69 and walk through the state-owned woods north
of where the houses are.  At the south end of the pond, there is a trail
through some woods that gives you limited viewing of the larger north end of
the pond.  One can walk along the fence on the east side of the 125 Bradley
Road property (Advanced Paving) to the pond edge, traversing a jumbled array
of pallets and boards, but one should do so with care and then stay off the
private property of the company.  I post this report so that other birders
will be encouraged to check out similar ponds in their neighborhoods.
Konolds Pond is a large, shallow, heavily vegetated fresh water pond,
something that can be found in many other places in our state.  


Good luck and good birding!

Chris Loscalzo, 


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