[CT Birds] Driving to work this morning

busterggi at aol.com busterggi at aol.com
Tue Feb 7 12:34:00 EST 2012

The Canada Geese (~ two dozen) are making themselves at home again at Martha Hart Pond in New Britain, usually at least two clutches are successful there annually.
The American Coots (~ 30) were back at the pond off the entry ramp from Corbin Avenue, New Britain, to Rte. 9S.
A mated pair of Red Shouldered Hawks were perched smack at Exit 20 from Rte. 9S to I 91S, one on a lamp post, the other a few feet away in a tree.
One vulture silhouetted against the sky in Meriden, couldn't tell species.
After thet traffic was too hectic to do any further looking.

Bob Jase

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