[CT Birds] Southbury Shrike, vultures +

Jamie Meyers ctredbird2 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 10 18:37:36 EST 2012

>From Jamie Meyers:
2/10 -- Southbury, Cassidy Road -- NORTHERN SHRIKE continues, seen around 8:30 AM at the same location as posted previously.

Judy Moore's directions from yesterday were excellent, spot on.  Just for further reference, "left" means the west side of the road.  I believe the shrike was in a tallish tree with white bark when I got there, but I got sidetracked talking to a local and when I looked again he was down lower, near the top of a shrub next to the dirt farm road Judy mentioned in her post.  I say "he" because I clearly heard and saw the bird singing, which is a rare treat in CT.  

On way out a friendly farmer stopped and pointed out a Bobcat in a field across the street from a main part of the farm at the beginning of the road.  That too was a rare treat.

Almost commonplace now but I should point out that there was a large gathering of vultures, both species with many Blacks, very near the hectic intersection of US 7 and I-84 in Danbury around 9:15 or so.  A few were up but most were sitting in the trees still.  Vultures were on my mind today as I was making yet another effort to find a TV in Stamford.  It's embarrassing to admit that this tick has eluded me for as long as it has but the trip was not in vain as I got it and thus added Turkey Vulture to my list of species that I have seen in all 169 towns.  That list is now at 49 species.  Between the time and expense factor it may remain that way for quite some time to come.  It was nice to get this albatross off my back.  Thanks to Jay Kaplan for kindly stopping at the rest area in Darien for coffee last month to allow me to add it for that town, and for suggesting now as a good time to seal the deal.

Jamie Meyers
Canton, CT

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