[CT Birds] RL Hawk - Salisbury

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 12 19:28:03 EST 2012

Today, took a ride in NW CT thru Canaan Mt, Twin Lakes and Salisbury areas. It 
is amazing how dead this whole area was. Encountered a few groups of ROBIN, with 
one group feeding in a Cedar tree with 2 CEDAR WAXWING, my FOY.

In a White-ash tree, we saw 2 male PURPLE FINCH feeding on ash seeds. Never saw 
them eating these seeds before. Sure wish they were in with the other two winter 
Finches whom I know eat them as well. 

On Salmon Kill Rd in Salisbury, off to the west in one of the big fields, we saw 
a pale form Rough-Legged Hawk on the ground with a kill. Very close near by were 
3 deer. Don't know what was going on here. Both Twin lakes were 30% open, but 
not one bird there cept a lone Herring gull.
The winter that never came................Paul Carrier

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