[CT Birds] Yellow Throated Warbler - OFF LIMITS

Steve Morytko smorytko at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 21:32:59 EST 2012

The COA web team (I'm part of it) just received an email, apparently from the homeowner in Madison where the YTWA has been seen for weeks, indicating that birders are *NO LONGER WELCOME* to visit the location. The homeowner was very polite and did not mention any specific details but here are a few excerpts:

"We have had several instances of less than ethical visits from birders, and from today forward, our private road will be strictly private. We will be asking all "visitors" to turn around and they will not be allowed to be on our property or to photograph "Wally."  ... "We will not be allowing anyone to come onto the property from this point forward."
The message is clear. Please honor the homeowner's request.

Steve Morytko

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