[CT Birds] YTWA details

julian hough jrhough1 at snet.net
Thu Feb 16 12:32:46 EST 2012

Awww maaannn!!... I had nothing to do this weekend, so I was really looking 
forward to intruding on people, implicating myself in some evictions, blocking 
their entry into their apartment and doing some general trespassing. 
(Trespassing only occurs when you actually get caught though, right?). With all 
that potential fun nixed, what to do now?

Joking aside..It does sadden me that this can happen and June's email was 
well-written and to the point. I think we are all prone to being caught up "in 
the moment" but I think with some ambassadorial skill and politeness, even the 
most irritated of non-birders and landowners can be charmed into putting up with 
birders. As a landlord myself, I am familiar with tenants and potential issues, 
especially legal ones and for the homeowner to be threatened with eviction seems 
somewhat harsh but without knowing the full story and irritation that may have 
been building for a while, it's hard to be judgemental. I hope that when/if a 
rarity turns up at my residence, it can be managed without such unnecessary 

Julian Hough,
New Haven, CT

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