[CT Birds] YTWA details

Roy Harvey rmharvey at snet.net
Thu Feb 16 14:16:54 EST 2012

> But I think the
> important point you made was that we only know one side of
> the story. June can only go by what her landlord said, and
> he may or may not have given her an accurate account.

I've heard more than I've chosen to post to CTBirds, and not just from the landlord.  There was more misbehavior seen than what has been related.  Even without that I see no reason to question what the landlord said.

> I think we are all prone to being caught up "in the moment" 
> but I think with some ambassadorial skill and politeness, 
> even the most irritated of non-birders and landowners can 
> be charmed into putting up with birders.

This was not a case of being refused access.  This was an example of people "putting up with birders" who were allowed access for over five weeks.  In my book that is a very good reception, and we should be thanking them for it.

Roy Harvey
Beacon Falls, CT

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