[CT Birds] Pileated woodpecker and Cornell Ruffed Grouse drumming video

John D Babington davewb07 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 17 09:09:55 EST 2012

As I was going out our long driveway to South St for a walk here in Washington, CT about 10 AM on Thursday (16 Feb 2012) I saw a pileated woodpecker working on a fairly small tree. This pileated I suspect is one of the two pileated woodpeckers I saw on Bell Hill Rd in Washington on the Woodbury-Roxbury Christmas Bird Count on 17 Dec 2011.

Got an email from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology today with a great link to a video on YouTube about rufffed grouse drumming. Love the sound of a ruffed grouse drumming in the woods. Have not heard that sound around here in a long time I am sorry to say.

David W Babington
Washington, CT

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