[CT Birds] Gulling tomorrow

Comins, Patrick PCOMINS at audubon.org
Sun Feb 19 20:54:34 EST 2012

I'm hoping to get to the landfill by 11:30 or so tomorrow.  Would like to get there earlier, but I have GBBC photo review to attend to in the morning.   Speaking of the count.  We're now up to 139 species (140 after the Common Murres get entered)!  If they all hold up and we get two more we can equal our all time high of 2 years ago with 141.  I may not have time to update the 'most wanted' list tomorrow, but hopefully folks will find some rare or uncommon species to add to the total.    I still don't see Northern Shrike on the list and if someone gets word that the Yellow-throated Warbler was seen and we find a Yellow-legged Gull tomorrow we'll be golden.   Please respect the landowners wishes though and don't try to add the warbler.  Hopefully someone who knows them can perhaps find out if they're still seeing it.

Finally, just because we don't think that strange gull is a Thayer's Gull doesn't mean it isn't something better like a really rare hybrid combination.  So it may pay for gull nuts to try to make it to the landfill.


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