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Michael Richardson michael_s_richardson at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 13:29:04 EST 2012



I added a new feature to my website (connecticutwilderness.com) that I
thought could be helpful to my fellow birders.  I used Google Maps API to
add a feature that shows a map of Connecticut and the locations of where all
the species were photographed (if location data was available for that
species).  I am hoping this will help people find the species they are
looking for.






This is the map of all Great Egrets I have been able to photograph.  You can
zoom and move the map around.  Click on a marker and it will show you a
preview of the photo and some info.  You can then click the preview and it
will bring up the photo and details.


It works for all other species found on my website.  Please note that not
all photos on my website have coordinate info, in which case the map may be


Also, if anyone wants to contribute, there is an option on my website to
upload your own photographs.  If you want them to show up on the map, you
need to enter the coordinates.


Hope you enjoy it.


Michael Richardson

Norwalk, CT

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