[CT Birds] Southport Survey 294

Dennis Varza dennisvz at optonline.net
Wed Feb 22 14:28:43 EST 2012

Southport Survey # 294
22 Feb 2012

The tide was rising so that the rocks were exposed but the bar was  
covered. There was a slight breeze resulting in only ripples water.  
The sky was partly cloudy.

On the back side of the island was a mixed flock of the White-winged  
Scoters and 18 Greater Scaup. I don’t recall ever seeing the two  
species in such a mixed flock. Out across the Sound to the west were  
Red-throated Loon, with a sprinkling of Horned Grebes about. Their  
density increased closer to shore.

The Long-tailed Ducks were scattered about just off shore, showing a  
lot of courship displaying even though they were all still in winter  
plumage. The Goldeneye were just off the bluff between Pine Creek  
Beach and Sasco Beach. The Brant were in one flock and were cruising  
the shore from Pine Creek beach to Southport Beach.

The golf course ponds were open and contained some Mallards, 2 Swans  
and 22 Red-breasted Mergansers. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel.  
In Southport Harbor the flats were covered and the geese were  
paddling about along with Baby Huey.

At Southport Beach, most of the puddle ducks were at the mouth of  
Sasco Creek. Many of the wigeon were to the west around the bend from  
the beach so the Eurasian wigeon could have been there. Another  
oddity was a raft of about 100 Greater Scaup off the beach. I never  
saw a raft in such a location.

Dennis Varza

DATE	01/28	02/07	02/12	2/22
Tide	Low_	High	Low_	High
Time	7:40	7:30	8:00	7:00

Snow Goose	1_1_1_1
Brant	85_56_42_70
Canada Goose	317_560_320_264
Mute Swan	9_7_17_14
American Wigeon	3_22_32_22
Eurasian Wigeon	0_0_1_0
Gadwall	0_12_5_4
American Black Duck	34_6_33_35
Mallard	44_28_22_90
Greater Scaup	1_50_0_170
Lesser Scaup	1_0_0_0
White-winged Scoter	2_22_39_56
Surf Scoter	0_0_7_0
Long-tailed Duck	54_59_120_85
Common Goldeneye	44_92_4_42
Bufflehead	32_26_14_18
Hooded Merganser	2_0_1_0
Red-breasted Merganser	66_16_24_38
Red-throated Loon	14_15_6_27
Common Loon	14_3_14_3
Horned Grebe	22_45_54_36
Great Blue Heron	1_1_1_0
Ring-billed Gull.	107_136_136_70
Herring Gull    	236_66_262_115
Great Black-backed Gull	6_3_7_6

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