[CT Birds] Birds & coffee

Beverly Propen bpropen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 18:32:49 EST 2012

Hi Paul,
I completely agree with you.
When we were in Costa Rica earlier this month, we visited 2 organic,
sustainable, eco-friendly , bird friendly coffee plantations.   They were
considerably smaller than the ones you describe.  But the owners/managers
took us on a tour and explained all the practices that contribute to being
a bird friendly coffee plantation-including the diversity of other
plants/trees so that insects are there for the birds, but not destroying
the coffee plants. The shade trees include much more than just banana trees
(which can become a monoculture).  But the big money is not in the small
coffee plantations, as you witnessed. We visited Finca Cristina and Finca
Rosa Blanca, both of which were very aware of the need for sustainable,
eco-friendly, bird friendly coffee .
Bev Propen

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