[CT Birds] Shade Grown Coffee

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Wed Feb 22 18:34:12 EST 2012


Most Guatemalan Coffee is shade grown, and they do a good job of planting native trees for shade, at least in the highlands. In the lowlands, they sometimes use fruit trees for shade, but it's a pretty safe bet that Guatemalan Highland Coffee will be shade grown. Guatemala missed out on getting the genetically modified sun tolerant coffee you see in Costa Rica probably because of their civil war.. but I'd have to check the timing. Trader Joe's sells a very good Shade Grown Ethiopian. They used to sell at least others, including one called Pajaro (bird) blend. Unfortunately, the Pajaro blend is now only organic and fair trade. Ironic...  I've been trying to get them to change suppliers.. but they're still the "it's a supply and demand" thing...I'd believe that if they didn't still sell the Pajaro Blend, just not sourced from shade grown suppliers.  I'll keep at it..  But but the Ethiopian so they don't stop carrying that...  

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