[CT Birds] Shade Grown Coffee

zellene zellene at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 24 14:22:30 EST 2012

I have been preaching this for a long time!  You can buy Birds and Beans certified coffee at Garden of Light in Avon. I also use the Ethiopian Yrgacheffe (sp?) from Trader Joe's. It seems to have an interesting almost lemony flavor. Whole Foods has organic coffees but doesn't specify if they are shade grown.

If I am on the road and need a caffeine fix, I always stop at MacDonald's for the Newman's Own organic coffee. Only a dollar and at least it supports something they are doing for the environment. Organic is way better, even if not shade grown...no pesticides to affect birds and the people who must harvest the beans.

Between Starbucks and Dunkin D, it is amazing that there are any trees in Central America. I have also been down in Costa Rica and seen deforestation there. I know that birders love their Dunkin, but please consider switching!


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