[CT Birds] Pink-footed Goose and hen Shoveler, Lymans Pond K Mueller

kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Sat Feb 25 11:22:09 EST 2012

Note- there is a dog show taking place at Lymans today, so it will be crowded.

The P F Goose was swimming in the pond with approx. 75 Canada Geese.  
It gave good close looks, and twice walked out of the pond exposing  
those well 'pink" feet and tarsus. There is also an adult hen Shoveler  
there pointed out by a birder named Russ (sorry, forgot your last  
name). It was also mixed in with the Geese and ended up in many photos  
with the P F Goose. This Gooses seems quite timid, and like the  
Iceland and BLack-headed GUlls prefers to stay on the periphery of all  
the other birds. Although, I did photograph it chasing a Canada away  
from its 'space" and ended up with a bill full of Canada Goose feathers.

The bird was still present when we left a half an hour ago.

Keith and Jen Mueller

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