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I have been following the water temps in LIS this winter as I have for a few decades, there have been a few warms ones in the past 20 or so years, but if this winter isn't the tops, it has to be very close.
This morning at the Western Sound Buoy off Greenwich, the surface water temp has finally dropped below 40 degF for the first time this winter to 39.7. 
The Eastern Sound Buoy of New London is at 43.3, this end of the sound is normally warmer in the winter. The Norwalk Harbor Station has 42.7, this is at a 8ft depth, the others are 3ft deep.
In other years my recordings could dip down to 30F in cold winters and mid to upper 30's during milder winters.
There has been 0 ice in the harbor except for light skim ice on occasion.
I recall 1992 my boat was locked in with 12" of ice all winter, people were walking across the harbor from East Norwalk to South Norwalk, I didn't get the boat free until March 6th.
If you were to compare this years water temps to recent averages, yes it would be above average. 
This follows the warming trend in the waters of LIS. I believe the State has been monitoring this since 1980(?)  Let me see if I can find that data.
The next full moon is around March 8th, will that produce the plankton blooms?
Larry Flynn

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> Two other things for CT birders to keep in mind:
> - An influx of large numbers of Bohemian Waxwings into central 
> VT and
> other nearby New England areas in recent days, likely a result 
> of food
> sources to the north being wiped out and the birds forced to move
> south as a result. The influx appears to stop abruptly in VT and NH,
> but at least one was reported from western MA this past week, so
> perhaps one or more could sneak into Connecticut before they 
> head back
> N/NW. Most likely in the under-birded NW hills or quiet NE corner.
> - It's almost time for the annual coastal gull & waterfowl
> plankton-feeding event. We should start watching for plankton-feeding
> behavior. It will be interesting to see how intense the event is this
> year given the mild winter. I admittedly don't know what triggers
> these events, nor do I know how this winter's water temperature 
> in LI
> Sound compares to the recent average. I know that Dennis Varza and
> others have been looking into this, so perhaps he/they can share
> theories up to this point. Anyway, something to watch for.
> Nick Bonomo
> Wallingford, CT
> www.shorebirder.com
> On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 10:14 AM, Frank Mantlik 
> wrote:
> > Here are two items of interest to CT birders.
> >
> > 1. Given the overwintering No. Rough-winged Swallow(s) at the 
> New Haven Sewage
> > Plant near East Shore Park, here's an interesting 3-page 
> article on the
> > overwintering flock in Philadelphia:
> > 
> http://www.philly.com/philly/health/20120221_Why_are_these_swallows_overwintering_at_a_Northeast_Philly_sewage_plant_.html>
> >
> > 2. Besides the Pink-footed Goose in CT, this past week there 
> has also been one
> > each on Long Island, NY, and one in Maryland.  This species 
> was almost unheard
> > of in the U.S. until March 1998, when Steve Morytko discovered 
> one in Mansfield,
> > CT, and Mark Szanty's exhaustive research proved that it was 
> likely of wild
> > origin.
> >
> > Frank Mantlik
> > Stratford
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