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   - It's almost time for the annual coastal gull & waterfowl
plankton-feeding event. We should start watching for plankton-feeding
behavior. It will be interesting to see how intense the event is this
year given the mild winter. I admittedly don't know what triggers
these events, nor do I know how this winter's water temperature in LI
Sound compares to the recent average. I know that Dennis Varza and
others have been looking into this, so perhaps he/they can share
theories up to this point. Anyway, something to watch for.

  Nick Bonomo
  Wallingford, CT

Hi All,

I usually spend an hour or so at Gulf Beach every day and in the past 
few days have noticed small groups of gulls -
mostly ring billed (with some Herring an a few Greater Black Backed 
Gulls) a few Brant and winter ducks such as bufflehead, goldeneye and 
RB mergansers doing quite a bit of surface feeding a short distanceoff 
shore. On a couple of occasions, at low tide, I have also seen the 
brant, gulls and mergansers feeding along the edge of the water almost 
in the same manner as they surface feed.

Charlotte Weston

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