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Individual White-fronts may well have different patterns of dark feathers on their pale bellies.  Not sure if these patterns are completely unique (like say the black-and-white patterns on zebras are supposed to be), but multiple birds in CT and elsewhere in New England could have different patterns.  So if there are good photos of the bellies of these birds we could perhaps tell how many White-fronts are around.  And even on swimming birds, I wonder if the dark feathers that can be seen on their sides near the waterline will be unique.

On a related note - earlier in the month I was in the central valley of California in a failed effort to see a Falcated Duck that had been faithfully coming to one small lake every day for months except the day I was there.  While waiting in vain for this Asian vagrant, I spent a full day looking at all the other waterfowl in the lake, including many White-fronts.  This is where I came to learn about the White-front belly patterns.  For those that were out of the water, I noticed that their belly patterns appeared to be unique.  Plus there were some 1st-year birds still with no dark belly feathers at all (though the Sibley guide mentions that this plumage is only retained till Dec. of their first year).  Although that was an interesting set of observations, I would have gladly traded all that even for a brief glimpse of the Falcated Duck.

Mike Resch
Pepperell, MA

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Along the line of how many Pink Footed Geese i would like to add how many 
reater White Fronted Geese. As they move around a lot  it is difficult to tell 
ometimes. Well, there are are probably several in the state as i had 2 at once 
his winter.
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