[CT Birds] Snow Geese, Somers

Jan Collins jgcollins at cox.net
Mon Feb 27 07:03:05 EST 2012

2/26  12:30 PM  4 SNOW GEESE with several hundred Canada's in 9th District 
Rd horse pasture in Somers.  Due to the interesting wanderings of the 
different geese in the area, wonder if these are the 4 spotted frequently in 
Bloomfield in the past month?
Also in Hartford, 3:30 PM, as we were leaving the Wadsworth Atheneum on Main 
St. noticed a frenzied bunch of pigeons flying low and then a PERGRINE 
FALCON swoop down in their midst at warp speed leaving a few feathers 
floating down after he was gone.  Too fast to see (plus we were in the car) 
if he actually caught the bird or not!

Jan in Somers 

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