[CT Birds] Finally Juncos!

busterggi at aol.com busterggi at aol.com
Mon Feb 27 12:07:35 EST 2012

Another fine weekend for front yard birding in New Britain, first Juncos I've seen this winter!  The number of White-Throated Sparrows seems to be rising and they don't mind the House Sparrows that mix in with them.  The former lone Chickadee has found at least five friends and they discovered the feeders I hung Sunday in less than half an hour.  Tufted Titmouses prefer the seed bell which is right outside the door giving me a nice close look.  Several Mourning Doves are coming more often though the Blue Jays have been a bit scarce.  And there is now a female Cardinal in addition to the previously seen male - no sign that they've paired up yet but I've got hope.  Also there may have been a Downey Woodpecker briefly, they used to be fairly common but I haven't definately seen one since I moved in last month.  Spotted a Mockingbird or two also but they stayed across the street.

Bob Jase

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