[CT Birds] Stratford 2/27/2012

Donna Caporaso donnacap at aol.com
Mon Feb 27 22:04:19 EST 2012

The song birds were singing their hearts out this morning at the Boat Ramp!
7 - 745 a.m.In the area around the small parking lot there were:
Two Black Capped Chickadees
At least 2 male Cardinals and 1 female
Several Northern Mocking Birds
3 Red-Winged Black BIrds
Lots of Song Sparrows!
Not many Gulls at the boat ramp this morning.

Along the road to the Greenway
1 mail Cardinal
More Mocking Birds
Another Black Capped Chickadee
and one very small bird that might have been a Golden Crowned Kinglet (saw yellow blur and saw a lot of them there last year)

12:30 - 12:50 p.m. Greenway
American Black Ducks
Two Swans
Dozen or so Mergansers in the river
2 Common Loons in River
Gulls but not as many as usual.
3 Killdeer in grass area along Greenway walk way that were making a lot noise!
Northern Mocking Birds
Song Sparrows
Northern Harrier 

5:15 - 5:45 p.m. Marshes off Long Beach Boulevard

Great Blue Heron in 550 Pond as well as several Song Sparrows in trees and 2 Red-winged Blackbirds putting on displays for the ladies.
There were about 30 Red-winged blackbird that flew out of the marsh area along the guard rail next to the 500 pond and landed in the big tree next to beginning of the guardrail. A lot of them were also displaying for the ladies.  First time I ever saw that and watched them from about 10 feet away with my binos until it was too dark.

Love the sound of spring!


Donna Caporaso
Stratford, CT

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