[CT Birds] Yellow-throated Warbler Tuesday - 8:15 am

Janis LaPointe sunbirdjan at cox.net
Tue Feb 28 08:37:39 EST 2012

As if an alarm clock went off, a mixed flock of birds flew into my feeders' tree at about 8:15 a.m., including multiple Chickadees, Juncos, Downies, Cardinals, Mo. Dos, House Finches and one Yellow-throated Warbler.  
New photos taken by my friend Chris.    http://www.flickr.com/photos/65348928@N04/sets/72157629473809155/
The warbler's pattern is to come into the tree about every 1/2 hour.    It begins high in the tree pecking at the branches.   I did not realize it was drinking the maple sap from woodpecker holes until Jim Pfeifer pointed this out.   I see the Woodpeckers pecking at the tree all the time.
The warbler then makes its way down in the tree, sometimes eating from the suet feeder, as it did today, and then jumping to the ground where it eats seed and droping from the suet feeders.   
Friends who have visited have noted that the habitat around my yard looks very much like the area in Madison where a Yellow-throated Warbler visited.    I'm making sure to throw seed on the ground so this is available.   I've never seen the warbler go to the seed feeder.    
Please contact me to arrange to come see the bird.    This is a condo development with limited parking.   
Janis LaPointe

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