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kmueller at ntplx.net kmueller at ntplx.net
Tue Feb 28 21:35:22 EST 2012

Spent the day in Gloucester from dawn to 3:30 pm. What a day it was for Gulls!

  I ended up with 27 (maybe more) Iceland Gulls (4 adults- 1 third  
winter with black-tipped gray bill) (9 together at Jodreys Fish Pier  
at the south of the pier on the rocks-low tide) plus 3 additional in  
the inner harbor, 1 at Wonson Cove, 2 at Niles Beach, 3 in Niles Pond,  
2 flying across Eastern Point heading west while I was walking on the  
Dogbar Breakwater, and 7 together on the beach and in the rocks at  
Brace Cove. All the immature birds were first winter ranging from all  
white to dusky with darker markings. One bird was quite dusky gray  

5 Glaucous Gulls (all immys-2 tan and 3 all-white) - 3 together at the  
Whole Foods processing plant at the beginning of Jodreys (on the  
piers, driveway behind the plant and on the roof), 1 roosting in the  
rocks with the 9 Iceland Gulls, 1 flying over and across the harbor  
while I was photographing the 3. It eventually flew over the city and  
headed NE. One of the all white first winter birds was quite tame, and  
was use to being fed by the dock workers from Whole Foods. This Gull  
had been hanging around me and would allow me to get really close (too  
close to take pictures) for a few hours. One of the dock workers came  
over to me with a small bag of fish scraps for the Gull which I  
offered to it. The all white Glauc Gull grabbed the fish scraps from  
my fingers a few times! That was fun!

The majority of the Gulls on the pier and in the harbor were Herring  
Gulls 95 percent. I couldn't find any gull that was different  
(bill/leg color- plumage). I also could not find the second winter  
Slaty-backed Gull that we saw last week.

Excellent day!!

Keith Mueller

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