[CT Birds] Yellow-throated Warbler - Enfield

Janis LaPointe sunbirdjan at cox.net
Wed Feb 29 08:54:05 EST 2012

At 8:30 a.m. the bird made another visit to the feeders, eating and activitely moving from the ground (where there is seed) back into the tree.   For the first time, I saw it perch on the seed feeder and eat from the ports.   An amusing site occured when the warbler and a Chickadee came beck-to-beck on adjoining perches.    The two bird paused and seemed to look at each other for a few seconds before reaching into the ports for black oil sunflower seeds.    Does anyone know if the Madison bird is still being seen?    You can reply to me privately.   I'm interested to know if we have two individuals in our state. 
Janis LaPointe

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