[CT Birds] Cinder Worms

lpflynn at optonline.net lpflynn at optonline.net
Thu Mar 1 15:03:30 EST 2012

I believe the worm in Al's photo is what fishermen refer to as a Cinder Worms, it should be in the Nereidae Family, which species I have no clue.
I have seen this hatch ( I believe they are spawning) many times around the Norwalk Islands, this event is most common  in July. I can't say I ever recall seeing them in the middle of the day, but rather in the darkness of night and into the morning, usually finished by 7-8 AM. 
It is a remarkable event and draws the attention of the many opportunistic predatory birds and fish. 
Again this event takes place in the warmer months not in the winter or spring. Years ago I did hear of something like this taking place close to shore on the south shore of LI in the colder months, although the fellow mentioned they those were larger worms.
Also of interest was the spawning cycle of the "slipper shells" as the water warms in early summer,
oysters are also doing the same thing at the same time, I'm sure these two species are not alone.

Larry Flynn

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