[CT Birds] one SISKIN

Carrier Graphics carriergraphics at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 2 15:12:19 EST 2012

Took a nice long ride up into Canaan Mt area today. 4" plus snow in area, but 
unusual was - in the lower towns like Goshen, Norfolk, Falls Village, there was 
ice covering all the trees, and no ice higher on the MT. I surmise lower had 
some rain after the snow and it froze on the trees. Higher el Canaan Mt had all 
snow, 6" in some places. I saw JUNCOS everywhere feeding along the road edges 
where ground and seeds were exposed from the plows. They were Everywhere! They 
also breed up here.

On the Mt, had 12 Ravens in the rd I believe eating grit or poss salt. Below on 
Under Mt rd, where a house has feeders, they had a "cloud" of Goldfinch - 60 
plus? with one SISKIN within. Natural Food sources for them down here was all 
covered with ice, so they flocked to the feeders.

My thrill of the day was - from under Mt rd looking towards Canaan Mt, I caught 
in my nocks far away, 6 large Finch like birds undulating in flight seen against 
the Mt going north. They were flashing some white within the wings as they flew. 
Don't know what they were, but I just know they were probably something 
good................Paul Carrier 

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